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Located in Tambun, Bekasi, SMESSINDO LUBRITECH is a company that has the main commodity in the form of lubricants for industry.

We strongly prioritize the importance of basic research and maintain commitments in research projects, wholly we have been independent in formulating lubricants produced by cooperating with worldwide additives producers, metal working fluids. All Smessindo Lubritech lubricants meet local and international requirements and OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer), which include lubricants for gasoline engines, diesel engine lubricants, gear lubricants, working fluid metals and other industrial lubricants.

The goal is always to develop the potential of lubricants; namely, increasing efficiency and extending product life, developing multifunctional lubricants and innovative products to meet technical requirements and ISO standards and improve production efficiency.

Facilities and equipments that support the production of LIQTRO lubricants, such as:

  • Blending Tank
  • Storage Tank Yard
  • Storage Tank Finish Product
  • Filling Drum Machine
  • Truck Scale and Loading Arm
  • Utility Units :
    • Generator Set
    • Compressor
    • Boiler
  • Laboratory
  • Warehouse


We strongly emphasize the importance of research and development. The goal is to constantly develop the potential of lubricants, develop multifunctional lubricants and innovative products to meet technical requirements and new regulations on lubrication.

In producing LIQTRO lubricants, we are supported by complete and accurate laboratory facilities, as well as expert laboratory personnel. In addition, we are also supported by a reliable Product Development Team and an alert Technical Service Team. Together, involved in direct application-oriented development and working with customers to optimally align lubricants into the processes and requirements related to machinery and other production equipment.



Supported by advanced laboratory equipments, using the applicable ASTM or ISO standards to produce reliable and ISO 17025: 2005 accredited testing data to ensure proper quality control and quality assurance of testing.

LIQTRO Lubricants have been registered with the NPT (Registered Lubricants Number) as a trade name for Lubricants that have met the specified requirements. We also guarantee the quality to maintain the trust from customers, PT SMESSINDO LUBRITECH has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management System.

sertifikat ISO 9001-2015